• Enter three creative photos. (These can be three entirely different shots)
  • Images featuring a wide-angle or macro composition and/or captured with a wide-angle or macro lens should be submitted to this category.
  • Over / Under shots are permitted but 50% of the image must be underwater.
  • Minor editing of images using any imaging software is allowed. This includes color and contrast enhancements, backscatter removal, up to 15 % cropping allowed, minor flaws fixes and background consolidation. Please note image editing that alters the main content of the image, such as moving, removing models and/or implanting foreign elements, is not permitted and will be disqualified.
  • There are three categories you can enter:
    Amateur - (Someone who has a regular day job and is still learning their craft and makes films/photographs on the side)
    Pro-Independent - (Filmmakers/Photographers who do everything themselves and make money from there craft professionally)
    Pro-Production Team - (Group of Filmmakers/Photographers with larger budgets who make a living from Commercial Projects)
  • If you have a model in your photo you must submit a waiver release with permission from the model.

Rules & Regulations

Remember all photos & videos must be taken on the Great Barrier Reef from the 01st JULY 2017 through to the current day! Except the Non-GBR Category, this can be filmed anywhere in the world.

Rules & Regulations

  1. The final deadline for submitting video clips/photos is Saturday - 29th AUGUST 2020 
  2. All winners and nominees will be announced at the festival winning ceremony which takes place at the Cairns Performing Arts Centre - Saturday - 19th SEPTEMBER 2020 (Please Note: - Entry to the screening at the CPAC theatre is additional cost through Ticketlink)
  3. Participants are obligated to follow environmental conservation regulations and to show respect for the underwater world during the process of capturing videos/photos, wherever they might be diving. Be advised that any damage to the protected underwater world, including the disruption of the natural habitat of creatures, provocation through touching, feeding or annoying, is prohibited by law and will disqualify the images or the photographer. 
  4. It is absolutely forbidden to submit videos/photos in one's own name but which another photographer/videographer has taken. The competition is conducted individually, and rules of ethics must be adhered to.

Use of Video Clip/Photo Materials  

  1. By entering the competition, participants agree that the submitted videos/photos or parts of videos may be used or reproduced for the media coverage of this event and for the promotion of future competitions and by the festival partners including but not limited to Cairns Reginal Council in all media channels, including TV, Internet, Social Media, YouTube, written publications and more. 
  2. Submitted materials shall indefinitely remain in the producers' archives without the requirement of further permission for usage. 
  3. Video credits will be given to the filmmaker/photographer when applicable. 
  4. Submission of materials and participation in the competition entails an automatic acceptance of all the above. 
  5. The use of videos/photos as described above will require no additional written or verbal permissions from the filmmaker/photographer.

Rights of Materials

I hereby declare that I am the rightful owner of all copyrights to the aforementioned video/photo submitted to the Great Barrier Reef Underwater Film Festival competition. This video/image was produced by me and my production team, including the featured soundtrack and/or I purchased the rights to my music (royalty free) , and I own the rights to sell, distribute, rent or broadcast it in any way or form, including private, public and commercial use, on social networks, TV channels and anywhere in the world.

I hereby grant the Great Barrier Reef Underwater Film Festival production team with the right to use this video/photos submitted to the competition for the purpose of promoting and marketing the competition in any form found appropriate by the production.

I declare that I will be liable for any damage, loss or expense that may result by using these materials according to my aforementioned declaration. Submitting the official competition registration form states the filmmaker/photographer’s agreement to the rules stated above.